2015-08-22 12:26:20: The Module Improvement package (modimp) has been temporarily
disabled. This change should not cause any functional problems.
Details can be found in the portal blog.
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The Module Improvement package ( modimp ) is temporarily disabled to eliminate it's potential aggravation of the ongoing scheduler issue. This should only impact interactive tab completion
We have resumed normal job scheduling on Blue Waters.  We are still working to diagnose root causes for the issue, but avoidance and recovery paths have been refined.  In the effort to
We are still working the issue with the vendors. We have decided to replace hardware to isolate the failure and will continue to work toward a resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
We continue to investigate issues with the scheduler. In the effort to preserve the state of the job queue during the investigation some issues were encountered and could require your
We are having some issues with our email servers and as a result users might not see the job start/end notification emails from the scheduler right away.
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