2016-09-14 16:45:14: Wide Striping Feature on the scratch file system was reset to a 160 maximum file stripe width. A bug was discovered with our monitoring software and wide striping. When the bug is resolved we will again allow a wide stripe of 360 on the scratch file system.
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Blue Waters maintenance is complete.  The system was returned to service  Aug 26th 8:45PM. The final step in the file system upgrade process is complete and has returned the scratch
Blue Waters will have a scheduled maintenance on Friday August 26th, starting at 06am, extending to Saturday, August 27th, 8pm. This outage is the final step in the file system upgrade process and
UPDATE: It was found to be just scratch file system related accross the system. It has fully recovered and we are resuming the scheduler.
We have experienced a major system event. We are evaulating the impact and will provide more information when available. The scheduler is paused to minimize job impact.   Blue Waters
We continue to experience instability in the login node ecosystem. We expect further interruptions while we work toward a resolution for the known Lustre Bug. As a result your connection may drop.
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