2016-04-29 22:43:51: All jobs that end on or between May 1 – June 17 2016 and meet the
following job characteristics are eligible for half off (50% reduction)
of the charge factor for any queue:

*** Node Count >= 1024
*** Used Wall clock time >= 4:00:00
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Blue Waters Partners: Effective May 1, 2016:  Charge factors for completed jobs that meet one or more of the following criteria below are discounted by 25% for each of the following
We believe we have identified the source of the filesystem responsiveness issues. Work is underway to correct the problem.
We are investigating an issue causing poor interactive command response that is likely filesystem related, we hope to have response times at expected levels soon.
Beginning at 11:30 on 4/25/2016, we began experiencing some delays for file operations on Home/Projects. It is our expectation that responsiveness will improve soon.
Blue Waters Partners: Blue Waters has been returned to service.  The home filesystem has been migrated temporarily to the projects filesystem to permit an extended upgrade process.
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