2016-02-06 04:52:43: On Saturday, February 13, 2016, starting at 10:00am CST, the Globus service will
undergo a significant upgrade. Globus will be releasing new services for authorization
and identity management that, among other things, will remove the requirement for
users to create separate Globus accounts and greatly simplify the user experience for
both researchers and systems administrators. The Globus service will not be available
while this release is being deployed into our production environment. Globus expects
that the upgrade will be completed within five hours, and full operations will be
restored by approximately 3pm CST.

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Blue Waters is access restricted while we work through a filesystem issue. It is expected to take late into the evening and may require a full system reboot. If we reboot the system, return to
Blue Waters experienced a meta data server failover on the home file system that began at 4:10 PM CT. As a result, all I/O transactions for the home filesystem blocked until the failover
The issue with the projects file system is resolved. Recovery and the fall out took longer than expected. The scheduler was resumed at 9:15 CT. Blue Waters has resumed normal operations.
The projects filesystem has required additional action beyond a simple failover. The filesystem is being verified at the moment and we hope for it to complete within the next hour
  Blue Waters is currently experiencing a meta data server failover on the  projects  file system that began at 12:52  AM CT. As a result, all I/O transactions for the
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