2016-10-27 10:18:46: Nearline maintenance has been completed. At this this point all Bluewaters services are available.
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Blue Waters emergency maintenance is complete and was returned to service 10/25/2016 10:45 PM. Quotas should now reflect accurate storage on the Lustre file systems. Security patches were applied
Blue Waters will undergo emergency maintenance tomorrow Oct 25th beginning at 6am until 8pm in order to apply a security fix. The full system will be unavailable for the entire
We are continuing to investigate an issue with the scheduler. We currently do not have a return to service estimate. An email will be sent when the system has returned to service. Update: The issue
Blue Waters is experiencing a component hardware failure and scheduler instability that began around  12:40  PM CT. System support staff are evaluating and attempting
Blue Waters maintenance is complete.  The system was returned to service  Aug 26th 8:45PM. The final step in the file system upgrade process is complete and has returned the scratch
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