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Known Issues

  • The support for PBS job arrays is currently disabled.
  • To use gprof with Cray CCE please set the environment variable PMI_NO_FORK to 1 in your batch job.
  • Warning: Unable to open kgni version file /sys/class/gemini/kgni0/version errno 2 at line 600 in file cdm.c"

    • These messages appear when using a dynamically linked executable built with the Cray compiler wrappers, on a login node or a node that is not directly connected to the Cray Gemini network. 

    • In most cases, these messages are benign and do not affect the functionality of the executable.
    • These messages do not appear when running the same executable on a Gemini connected node, such as a MOM node using an interactive session. 
  • Warning messages when using hdf library. These messages are benign and can be safely ignored. 
/opt/cray/hdf5/1.8.11/cray/81/lib/libhdf5_cray.a(H5PL.o): In function `H5PL__open$$CFE_id_56395c9c_01603595': 
/home/users/seanb/pelibs/hdf5/1.8.11/rpm/BUILD/cray-hdf5-1.8.11-cce1-serial/src/H5PL.c:531: warning: Using 'dlopen' in statically linked applications requires at runtime the shared libraries from the glibc version used for linking
  • Exec calls will hang when code is compiled with darshan loaded. unload darshan and build the code.
  • To display the ranks that are performing aggregation when using MPI-IO Collective buffering, set the following env variable. documentaion (intro_mpi) will be updated in the next release.