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Blue Waters Webinars

Making Containers Easier with HPC Container Maker

Photograph of Scott McMillan Scott McMillan

Senior Solutions Architect

McMillan's Bio

Scott McMillan is a Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA where he works on high performance computing. One of his interests is making HPC more accessible. Scott holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University.


Containers make it possible for scientists and engineers to easily use portable and reproducible software environments. However, if the desired application is not already available from a container registry, generating a custom container image from scratch can be challenging for users accustomed to a bare metal software environment. HPC Container Maker (HPCCM) is an open source project to address these challenges. HPCCM provides a high level, configurable Python recipe format for deploying HPC components into container images according to best practices. HPCCM recipes are more portable and powerful than native container specification formats, easier to create, and produce smaller, well-constructed container images.

Session details

When: 11:00 CDT, October 16, 2019
Length of session: 1 hour
Prerequisites: None.
Target Audience: Those interested in using containers for HPC.

Webinar video

Slides: PDF (1.7 MB)