The Blue Waters project collaborates with the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc., the National Computational Science Institute (NCSI), the Ohio Supercomputer Center, the University of Michigan, and other national HPC programs to prepare current and future faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students to gain the knowledge and skill sets necessary to capitalize on high-performance computing resources. Activities include training and workshops for faculty and students, campus visits, undergraduate internships, and graduate fellowships.

Education Allocations

Each year Blue Waters devotes up to 1.8 million node-hours to educational activities. These allocations provide a unique learning experience for students across the nation by enabling them to use the extraordinary capability of Blue Waters to broaden their knowledge and develop their own interests in a wide array of disciplines, from the traditional areas of science and engineering to emerging areas in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

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Online Training

Training webinars and workshops are offered on a regular basis; check the Blue Waters calendar for upcoming dates.

The HPC University portal provides access to peer-reviewed training and education materials, including Undergraduate Petascale Curriculum Modules available for download. These materials support the teaching and learning of parallel and high-performance scientific computing in multiple fields of study.

For more information about Blue Waters training and educational events and opportunities contact Scott Lathrop, Blue Waters technical program manager for education.