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Forgot NCSA Kerberos password

Please go to for instructions on how to reset your NCSA Kerberos password or other issues with NCSA Duo. For identity management please go to

Expiring allocations with grace period ending 3/31/2020:

Forgot RSA PIN

If you previously set your security questions please go to the RSA Self-service console and click on "Troubleshoot a problem." Enter your username and then answer your 3 security questions. At that point you should be able to reset the PIN on your hardware token.

Before you forget your PIN, you should use the RSA Self-service console to set security questions that will allow you to reset and change your RSA PIN.

Note: There are cases where browser session data gets cached, confusing the RSA self-service website, that requires either clearing the session data, exiting the browser and restarting, or attempting the procedure from a different computer.

Alternatively, if you need help, you can send email to and someone will assist you.

Helpful Hints:

  • For the Authentication Method there is a dropdown for either a password or passcode – select passcode.
  • The PIN is required to be exactly 8 characters of both numbers and letters.
  • The passcode refers to the [PIN][tokencode] combo. If your PIN is not set then you use only the token code.
  • After setting your PIN, you will be asked to set security questions.  Those questions will allow you to reset your PIN (or create temporary tokens in case you forget your PIN, or leave your fob at home) and to disable your OTP token if it is temporarily lost.
  • The email address shown within the RSA site is irrelevant insofar as receiving Blue Waters notifications is concerned.  Once you have set your PIN, you may verify / update your personal information by logging in to the Blue Waters Portal, hovering over the "Your Blue Waters" tab, selecting "Manage Users", then selecting "Your Profile".
  • The RSA website can be finicky at times, and it will time out if you take too long to complete the process.  If it times out, start again with the above URL as the back button might not work reliably.

Setting your PIN for the first time

Step 1: Log in to the above website. User ID is your Blue Waters username. Set Authentication Method to Passcode (not Password). Enter the 6-digit token code currently displayed on your token in the SecurID Passcode field.

Step 2: Set your PIN. The PIN is required to be exactly 8 characters and must include both numbers and letters.

Step 3: Set your security questions. These questions will allow you to reset your PIN (or create a new one in case you forget it) and to disable your OTP token if it is temporarily lost.

Note: Once you have set your PIN, if you need to log in to the Self-Service Console again, follow Step 1 above, however, you will now need to use the 14-character [PIN][Token Code] for the SecurID Passcode field instead of just [Token Code].