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System News

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  • Reminder: Blue Waters System Changes

    Created by: jenos 2020-01-14 00:08:02 (Channels: systemnotices|policychange|newfunctionality)

    Blue Waters Users: In December 2019, you received a notification detailing some planned system changes. Transition summary: January 14, 2020 is the planned date to effect two changes worth noting: SSH host key change for those using RSA-based access to login nodes Accessing logins via ssh for some may yield an alarming warning...
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  • Blue Waters Announcement: noalloc queue available

    Created by: gbauer 2019-12-23 13:22:34 (Channels: newfunctionality)

    Users in expired projects and/or in projects that have exhausted their allocation may submit jobs to a noalloc queue described in the queue section at The noalloc queue will run workloads only when there are idle nodes. Jobs in the noalloc queue are preemptible after 1 hour.




  • Upgraded Blue Waters portal IM chat

    Created by: gbauer 2019-08-07 10:38:25 (Channels: newfunctionality)

    Blue Waters partners; We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our portal IM chat infrastructure. Over the years some of you have used the portal IM chat to converse with on-call application support staff with favorable results. The need to move off of out-dated software required us to look at newer solutions....
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