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A. Description

PIO (Parallel I/O) is a tunable I/O library that supports both NetCDF and pNetCDF (parallel NetCDF) on the backend.  Now packaged for use with a variety of different applications, the PIO library was originally created by the people at NCAR to improve the performance of CESM.

The PIO user's guide can be found here.

B. Downloading PIO

The PIO source code may be found on github here.

To download the code to Blue Waters, simply clone the repository:

git clone

C. Building PIO

The PIO user's guide has both a general installation page and a page that provides installation walk-throughs for different systems, including Blue Waters.

The build procedure below was taken from the Blue Waters PGI installation walk-through and updated for use with the current system configuration as of April 12, 2017.

Obtain the source code using git clone as shown above.

Paste the script below into a file, such as pio_build_script, in the same directory as the ParallelIO directory that was created with the above git command.  Set INSTALLATION_PATH to the full path where you want to install the lib and include directories (CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is set to INSTALLATION_PATH later in the script), make the script executable with chmod +x <script_name>, and then run it.


# specify your desired installation path

# =================================================================

. /opt/modules/default/etc/

module unload PrgEnv-cray
module unload PrgEnv-gnu
module unload PrgEnv-pgi
module unload PrgEnv-intel

module load PrgEnv-pgi
module swap pgi pgi/16.9.0
module load cmake
module load cray-hdf5-parallel/1.10.0
module load cray-netcdf-hdf5parallel/4.4.1
module load cray-parallel-netcdf/1.7.0

echo "============================================================="
echo "Configuring PIO with these modules loaded:"
echo ""
module list -t
echo ""
echo "============================================================="
echo ""

-DMPI_Fortran_INCLUDE_PATH=${MPICH_DIR}/include \
-DMPI_C_LIBRARIES=${MPICH_DIR}/lib/libmpich.a \
-DMPI_Fortran_LIBRARIES=${MPICH_DIR}/lib/libmpichf90.a \

echo ""
echo "============================================================="
echo "Building PIO"
echo "============================================================="
echo ""


echo ""
echo "============================================================="
echo "Building PIO tests (run in interactive session with 'ctest')"
echo "============================================================="
echo ""

make tests

echo ""
echo "============================================================="
echo "Installing PIO"
echo "============================================================="
echo ""

make install

echo ""
echo "============================================================="
echo "Finished building and installing PIO library"
echo "============================================================="
echo ""

The following relevant modules were loaded for the most recent test of this installation on April 12, 2017:


D. Sample tests

After successful completion of the build process, the included tests can be run from an interactive job.

qsub -I -lnodes=1:ppn=32:xe -lwalltime=2:00:00

After the job starts, run the commands below.  Note that <pio_installation_directory>/tests does not mean ParallelIO/tests.  If you display the contents of <pio_installation_directory>/tests, there should be a CTestTestfile.cmake file.

cd <pio_installation_directory>/tests
module load cmake/3.1.3

E. Known issues

When running ctest with default timeout settings, three of the tests run out of time:

test_darray_multivar (Timeout)
pio_rearr_opts (Timeout)
pio_rearr_opts2_3p (Timeout)

Doubling the time limit in the appropriate CTestTestfile.cmake files easily helps them pass.  Tests on 5/16/2017 showed that test_darray_multivar took 152 sec (default timeout 120 sec), pio_rearr_opts took 273 sec (default timeout 240 sec), and pio_rearr_opts2_3p took 256 sec (default 240 sec).