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Blue Waters Webinars

Petascale Computing

The Blue Waters Petascale Application Improvement Discovery (PAID) targets the introduction of new, fundamental application approaches in addition to optimization of current applications, to increase the knowledge of and use of “best practices” for highly scalable computing and data analysis. PAID is based on input from and observations of dozens of Blue Waters science and engineering teams, the adjustments and improvements teams have been making to their applications, and the projected use and challenges over the next decade as derived from detailed interactions with many of the team leaders.

The Improvement Method Enablers (IMEs) include developers working with science and engineering teams to help create and implement application improvements technologies. This seminar track will highlight the results of this work that have tremendous potential to benefit other research teams.

Each Improvement Method Enabler (IME) session will focus on a set of capabilities that have resulted from the work of an IME team.