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Blue Waters Webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

Please submit questions to The questions and answers will be posted below.

Q: How do I view the live webinar and pose questions to the presenter?

A: Each webinar will have a unique Youtube Live URL and a separate NCSA Blue Waters Slack channel for discussion about the topic. Everyone who has registered for a particular webinar, will receive the Youtube Live URL along with an invitation to join the Slack channel for that topic the day before the Wednesday webinar.

There is up to a 30 second delay between the presenter speaking and the live stream appearing on Youtube Live. As such, we encourage participants to pose questions via the Slack channel as they occur. This will allow the presenter to respond quickly to posted questions from the participants. The Slack channel will be available for on-going discussions and information sharing after the webinar is completed.

Q: Will the webinar sessions be recorded?

A: All webinars will be recorded and made publicly available as soon after the live presentation as possible. There will be a short delay publishing the videos to allow for minor editing of the session.

Q: How do I ask questions during the live broadcast?

A: To ask presenters questions during live broadcasts please join our NCSA-BW Slack team by requesting an invitation at To join the team, you must register for at least one webinar. Discussions during each webinar take place in different channels within our team. You will be added to the corresponding channel and informed about which channel to use before each webinar that you have registered for.