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Blue Waters Webinars

Blue Waters Webinar Series Calendar

Below is the schedule of all Blue Waters webinars for 2019.
Blue Waters webinar series calendar for 2018 is posted here.
Blue Waters webinar series calendar for 2017 is posted here.

Date Title Speaker Slides Video Survey
January, 2019
January 23 Cloud Resource Federation for Galaxy Enis Afgan Slides Video Survey
February, 2019
February 6 Teaching Computational Scientists to Build and Package Open-Source Software Prentice Bisbal Slides Video Survey
February 13 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender Brian R. Kent Slides Video Survey
March, 2019
March 20 Reproducible data analysis with Snakemake Johannes Köster Slides Video Survey
March 27 The SDE: A General Computational Chemistry Software Framework Ryan Richard Slides Video Survey
April, 2019
April 24 Jupyter as the Interface to High-Performance Computing Matthias Bussonnier,
Shreyas Cholia,
Rollin Thomas
Slides Video Survey
May, 2019
May 15 Sustaining Open Source Software and Their Communities in Computational Geodynamics Lorraine Hwang Slides Video Survey
June, 2019
July, 2019
August, 2019
September, 2019
October, 2019
November, 2019
December, 2019

Last updated: February 25, 2019
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