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Blue Waters Webinars

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Blue Waters Webinar Series Calendar

Below is the schedule of all Blue Waters webinars for 2018.
Blue Waters webinar series calendar for 2017 is posted here.
For your convenience, we're adding our webinars to Blue Waters Events Calendar.

Date Title Speaker Slides Video Survey
January, 2018
January 24 NumFOCUS: An approach to sustaining major scientific software projects Andy Ray Terrel Slides Video Survey
January 31 Blue Waters' overview Blue Waters Team Slides Video Survey
February, 2018
February 7 Machine Learning Using Tensorflow Aaron Saxton Slides Video Survey
February 14 Sustaining Research Software Daniel S. Katz Slides Video Survey
No webinar on February 21, 2018
February 28 Analysis and Visualization with yt Matthew Turk Slides Video Survey
March, 2018
No webinars
April, 2018
April 4 Machine Learning Using Using Tensorflow: Part Deux Aaron Saxton Slides Video Survey
April 18 The XSEDE Service Provider Forum Dan Stanzione Slides Video Survey
May, 2018
May 23 PEARC18: Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing Jay Alameda Slides Video Survey
May 30 Charm++ and Adaptive MPI Laxmikant. V. Kale Slides Video Survey
June, 2018
July, 2018
July 11 Beyond Exascale: The Future of HPC Marc Snir Slides Video Survey
August, 2018
September, 2018
October, 2018
November, 2018
December, 2018

Last updated: March 22, 2018
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