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Petascale Computing Institute
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Blue Waters

Logging in
To access Blue Waters via command line, point your SSH client to
ssh -l username
If instructed by the presenter, add -Y flag to enable X11 forwarding (for applications with GUI).

Interactive jobs

To start an interactive job, execute qsub command with -I flag, for example:
qsub -I -lwalltime=01:00:00,nodes=1:ppn=16:xk
This will start an interactive session on 1 XK (CPU + GPU) node for 1 hour.

Batch (non-interactive) jobs

For non-interactive batch jobs, use qsub command without the -I flag:
where is the name of a text file containing special #PBS comments/directives and SHELL commands. For example, to set walltime to 1 hour while requesting 2 XE (CPU-only) nodes, one would add the following lines to the
#PBS -l walltime=01:00:00
#PBS -l nodes=2:ppn=32:xe
The details of your job script's contents depend on the type of job you intend to run and should be provided to you by the presenter.

aprun command

To execute code on compute nodes, make sure to use aprun command in your batch job scripts and in interactive jobs like so:
aprun -n 16 executable

Additional resources