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Call For Host Sites

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Call for collaborating host sites

Applications for Host Sites is CLOSED!

Each accepted Host Site will be posted on the left sidebar for participants to see when they register.

Collaborating host sites provide a critical support role by facilitating local people to come together to watch the presenters as a group, facilitate asking questions verbally of the presenters in real-time, and providing "over the shoulder" support for the participants during hands-on activities.

We welcome academic institutions, business and industry, and government agencies to apply to be a Host SIte. International sites are welcome to apply, although the live broadcasts will focus on serving the four primary time zones of the continental United States (8 AM to 3 PM Pacific / 11 AM to 6 PM Eastern).

Requirements / Recommendations

We ask that each collaborating host site:

  • Accommodate at least 10 people in a single web conference capable room, but the commitment to recruit and support larger groups (e.g. 50) is encouraged.

  • Provide HPC technical support for participants. We recommend at least one support person for every 10 to 15 local participants to assist local participants with hands-on activities. The support staff need not be proficient with all the topics, but should have some HPC knowledge and experience with federal agency supported HPC facilities.

  • Coordinate A/V testing with specialists at NCSA to ensure high-quality audio and video connections. While we will support both WebEx web conferencing and H.323/SIP endpoints, we would encourage sites to prepare their sites to use cloud-based services like WebEx to provide a simpler, more robust environment for remote collaboration. When applying, please indicate the platform(s) you support and how long the site has been active so that we can determine audio/video interoperability and anticipate any issues.

  • Help recruit local participants to attend the event at your site. We will provide you with a generic announcement that you can tailor to your local community.

  • Provide reports on daily attendance to the organizing institutions.

  • Cover local costs and expenses when applicable. The organizing Institutions are not able to cover any of the Host Site expenses.

  • Consider providing coffee, lunches, and snacks for participants at your own expense. Alternatively, ask participants to secure their own meals. Please make it clear in the announcement whether food will be provided.

Becoming a Collaborating Host Site

Applications for Host Sites is CLOSED!

To apply, please complete the form at at your earliest opportunity and include the information below. If you are interested but need time to work out some details, please email with a subject line PCI-2019 Host Site to notify us of your interest. to notify us of your interest.

Host Site registration will close when we have reached capacity of 600 total registrants, or 2 months ahead of the institute, to allow time to recruit participants.

  • Name and URL of the organization and Institution
  • Address of Institution: please include building(s) and room number(s) of local site to share with participants
  • Room occupancy: Maximum number of participants you can host
  • Main POC: Primary contact(s) for local coordination of the event with their name, email, cell phone, mailing address
  • A/V:
    • Primary A/V technical support contact(s) with their name, email, cell phone
    • Description of A/V technology available to connect to NCSA/University of Illinois
  • On-site Support: Number of HPC support people, with a short description of their HPC knowledge, and their name, email and cell phone
  • Food coverage for lunch and breaks: let us know if you plan to charge a local fee to cover food costs so that we may alert people as they register. You will need to coordinate the collection of any food-related information (number of people, allergies or dietary restrictions, etc.) and fees on your own.

Please direct questions to