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New Frontiers Initiative (NFI) and Blue Waters (BW) Graduate Fellowship Programs

NFI Fellows 2021-2022

BW Fellows 2019-2020

BW Fellows 2018-2019

BW Fellows 2017-2018

Bw Fellows 2016-2017

BW Fellows 2015-2016

BW Fellows 2014-2015

University of Illinois
New Frontiers Graduate Fellowships

The New Frontiers Graduate Fellowships provide PhD students with a year of full-time research support, including a $38,000 stipend, up to $12,000 in tuition allowance, an allocation of 50,000 node-hours on the powerful Blue Waters petascale computing system, and funds for travel to visit the University of Illinois to present their research goals and develop computational research plans that will utlilize high performance computing (HPC) resources.

The New Frontiers Graduate Fellowships is managed by the New Frontiers Initiative (NFI). NFI is an activity of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign that partners with federal agencies on research, development and educational projects to bring the expertise and resources of Illinois to enhance the national security and safety of the nation.

Blue Waters is supported by the National Science Foundation through awards OCI-0725070 and ACI-1238993.