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Blue Waters Virtual Training - Managing HPC Systems and Centers - July 14-16, 2020

The Blue Waters project at the University of Illinois offered a three-day virtual training event on Managing HPC Systems and Centers via three sessions on July 14-16, 2020.

This training was focused on sharing the lessons learned and best practices from the staff who are managing and operating the Blue Waters Cray system. The sessions were for staff that are managing and operating Cray and HPC systems and related centers.

Supporting Reference Materials.

The topics covered each day are listed in the following table. Video recordings will be posted after some post-processing.

Day Topic Presenter(s) Slides Video
July 14 Welcome
Scott Lathrop Welcome video
July 14 NCSA-NGA Collaboration
Bill Kramer NCSA-NGA Collaboration video
July 14 Introduction to the Blue Waters System Brett Bode Blue Waters System Overview video
July 14 Operational Processes
Jeremy Enos Operational Processes video
July 14 Resource Management
David King Resource Management video
July 14 Storage and Use of Metric Data, and File System Monitoring
Mike Showerman Storage and Metric Data

File System Monitoring

July 14 Regression Testing
Jeremy Enos Regression Testing video
July 15 Resiliency
Brett Bode Resiliency video
July 15 External Services and Integration
Brett Bode External Services video
July 15 Containers on HPC
Maxim Belkin and Mark Dalton Containers video
July 15 Benchmarking and Performance Testing
Bill Kramer and Aaron Saxton Benchmarking video
July 15 Filesystem and Data Methods
Christopher Heller and Justin Davis File Systems and Lustre video
July 15 Lustre
Christopher Heller and Justin Davis File Systems and Lustre video
July 15 Preemptive Disk Failure
Brett Bode Premptive Disk Failure video
July 16 Open Science Best Security Practices
Alex Withers Open Science Security video
July 16 Acceptance Testing
Celso Mendes Acceptance Testing video
July 16 Risk Management
Celso Mendes Risk Management video
July 16 Communicating with Users/Partners
Greg Bauer Communications video
July 16 Python Provisioning
Roland Haas Python Provisioning video
July 16 Third Party Software Management
Brett Bode Third Party Software video
July 16 Supporting Users/Partners
Greg Bauer Supporting Users video
July 16 Wrap-up
Scott Lathrop and Bill Kramer Wrapup video