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Call For Collaborating Host Sites


Call for collaborating host sites

The call for host sites is now closed.

Each collaborating host site is posted on the left sidebar for participants to see.

About the Scaling to Petascale Institute

The institute is co-organized by Argonne Leadershship Computing Facility (ALCF), the Blue Waters project at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF), and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). These organizations are providing content experts for the presentations, access to computing resources, and coordinating registrations for all collaborating host sites.

The Institute is intended for people developing, modifying, and supporting large-scale parallel research projects who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills to scale research codes to current petascale and emerging new computing systems. This institute is for people wishing to scale their codes to large parallel systems. Participants should have familiarity with Linux, basics of MPI, and programming in Fortran, C, C++, Python or a comparable language.

The institute will also be webcast via YouTube live for anyone interested in watching. Support for web viewers will be rather limited, as the focus of support will be upon the participants at the host sites. Viewers will only be able to submit questions using the Slack discussion forum, and there will be no "over-the-shoulder" support during hands-on activities. Due to security policies, webcast viewers will not be able to receive an account on the computing systems used during the institute.

Collaborating Host Sites

Collaborating host sites are expected to provide a critical support role by facilitating local people to come together, watch the presenters as a group, ask questions verbally of the presenters in real-time, and having a local person with some HPC experience that can assist with "over the shoulder" questions during hands-on activities.

Requirements / Recommendations

We ask that each collaborating host site:

  • Accommodates at least 10 people in a single conference-capable room, but larger groups (e.g. 50 or more) are encouraged.

  • Provides HPC technical support for participants. We recomment at least one HPC technical support person for every 10 – 15 local participants. These people will assist local participants with hands-on activities. The support staff need not be proficient with all topics to be covered, but should have some HPC knowledge and experience with major federal agency supported HPC facilities.

  • Coordinate with A/V testing with specialists at NCSA to ensure good audio and video connections. We are open to supporting a wide range of technology solutions including but not limited to traditional H.323/SIP endpoints, as well as cloud-based services like WebEx or BlueJeans. When applying, please indicate the platform(s) you support so that we can determine audio/video interoperability.

  • Help recruit local participants to attend the event at your site - we will provide a generic announcement you can tailor for your site.

  • Provide reports on daily attendance to the organizing institutions.

  • Cover all local costs and expenses.

Becoming a Collaborating Host Site

If your site would like to commit to be a host site, please submit a short application to Scott Lathrop by Thursday, June 1, 2017 for consideration. The application should include:

  • The name of your organization or institution along with a URL
  • Primary point(s) of contact for local coordination of the event — name, email, cell phone
  • Primary point(s) of contact for A/V technical support — name, email, cell phone
  • Maximum number of participants the site can host
  • Address (including room number) of local site we may share with participants
  • Number of HPC support people, a brief desrption of their HPC knowledge, and their name, email and cell phone
  • Description of A/V technology that will be used to connect to NCSA/University of Illinois
  • Brief description of your plans to recruit local participants

Please direct questions to Scott Lathrop at Blue Waters/NCSA.