Thomas Quinn

University of Washington

Galactic Astronomy


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Thomas Quinn: ChaNGa: a Charm++ N-body Treecode
11th annual Workshop on Charm++ and Its Applications; Urbana, Illinois, U.S.A., Apr 16, 2013

Thomas Quinn: Pathways to Exascale N-body Simulations

Exascale Computing in Astrophysics Conference; Ascona, Switzerland, Sep 11, 2013

Thomas Quinn: The Cosmological Context of Star Formation

Astronomy Colloquium, University of British Columbia, Department of Physics and Astronomy; Vancouver, Canada, Mar 24, 2014

Thomas Quinn: ChaNGa: a Charm++ N-body Treecode

12th annual Workshop on Charm++ and Its Applications; Urbana, Illinois, U.S.A., Apr 30, 2014