Scott Noble

University of Tulsa

Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics


Bowen, D., M. Campanelli, J. Krolik, V. Mewes, S. Noble (2017): Relativistic Dynamics and Mass Exchange in Binary Black Hole Mini-disks, The Astrophysical Journal, The American Astronomical Society, Vol 838, Num 1, pp42


Yosef Zlochower, Hiroyuki Nakano, Bruno C. Mundim, Manuela Campanelli, Scott Noble, and Miguel Zilhão (2016): Inspiraling Black-Hole Binary Spacetimes: Challenges in Transitioning from Analytical to Numerical Techniques, Physical Review D, American Physical Society (APS), Vol 93, Num 12, pp124072


Miguel Zilhão, Scott C. Noble, Manuela Campanelli, Yosef Zlochower (2015): Resolving the Relative Influence of Strong Field Spacetime Dynamics and MHD on Circumbinary Disk Physics, Physical Review D, American Physical Society (APS), Vol 91, Num 2, pp024034