Marcelo Garcia

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Earth Sciences


S. Dutta, P. Fischer, M.H. Garcia (2017): Flow dynamics and fine particle transport at an asymmetric 90-degree bifurcation: insights into the Bulle-Effect under laminar inflow, Physical Review Fluids (under preparation), APS
S. Dutta, P. Fischer, M.H. Garcia (2017): A novel semi-implicit Lagrangian particle tracking model for efficient computation of particle transport at low Stokes number, Journal of Scientific Computing (under preparation), Springer
S. Dutta, P. Fischer, M.H. Garcia (2017): Direct Numerical Simulation of flow at a 90-degree asymmetric bifurcation for different flow splits, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (under preparation), Cambridge


Som Dutta, Paul Fischer, and Marcelo Garcia (2016): Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of Flow and Bedload Transport at an Idealized 90-Degree Diversion: Insight Into Bulle-Effect, CRC Press, River Flow 2016, pp101-109