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Paul Hime


Hime, P. M., A. R. Lemmon, E. M. Lemmon, E. S. Prendini, C. J. Raxworthy, J. M. Brown, R. C. Thomson, M. Kortyna, P. L. V. Peloso, B. P. Noonan, J. S. Keogh, S. C. Donnellan, R. A. Pyron, J. D. Kratovil, K. Kunte, S. Das, N. Gaitonde, S. Ron, J. Labisko, R. L. Mueller, D. M. Green, and D. W. Weisrock (2018): Genomic perspectives on the amphibian tree of life, (in preparation)


Hime, Paul Michael (2017): Genomic Perspectives on Amphibian Evolution across Multiple Phylogenetic Scales, Theses and Dissertations--Biology, University of Kentucky Libraries, Num 45


Paul Hime (2017): Genomic Perspectives on The Amphibian Tree of Life, 2017 Blue Waters Annual Report, pp268-269