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Gilbert Holder

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology

Theoretical astrophysics and data analysis

Aug 2017 - Aug 2018


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Yashar D. Hezaveh and Neal Dalal and Daniel P. Marrone and Yao-Yuan Mao and Warren Morningstar and Di Wen and Roger D. Blandford and John E. Carlstrom and Christopher D. Fassnacht and Gilbert P. Holder and Athol Kemball and Philip J. Marshall and Norman Murray and Laurence Perreault Levasseur and Joaquin D. Vieira and Risa H. Wechsler (2016): Detection of Lensing Substructure Using Alma Observations of the Dusty Galaxy SDP.81, ApJ, American Astronomical Society, Vol 823, Num 1, pp37


Gilbert Holder (2017): Theoretical astrophysics and data analysis, 2017 Blue Waters Annual Report, pp22-23