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Eliu Huerta Escudero

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics


Daniel George, and E.A. Huerta (2018): Deep Learning for Real-Time Gravitational Wave Detection and Parameter Estimation: Results with Advanced LIGO Data, Physics Letters B, Elsevier BV, Vol 778, pp64-70


Daniel George, E. A. Huerta (2017): Deep Neural Networks to Enable Real-time Multimessenger Astrophysics, (in press)
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Eliu Huerta Escudero (2017): Detection of Gravitational Wave Sources in Dense Stellar Environments, 2017 Blue Waters Annual Report, pp24-25
Eliu Huerta Escudero (2017): Deep Neural Networks to Enable Real-Time Multimessenger Astrophysics, 2017 Blue Waters Annual Report, pp26-27