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Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere

Northwestern University

Astronomical Sciences


Astrid Lamberts, Shea Garrison-Kimmel, Philip Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, James Bullock, Claude-André Faucher-Giguère, Andrew Wetzel, Dusan Keres, Kaliden Drango, and Robyn Sanderson (2018): Predicting the binary black hole population of the Milky Way with cosmological simulations, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (in press)
Robyn E. Sanderson, Shea Garrison-Kimmel, Andrew Wetzel, Tsang Keung Chan, Philip F. Hopkins, Dušan Kereš, Ivanna Escala, Claude-André Faucher-Giguère, and Xiangcheng Ma (2018): Reconciling Observed and Simulated Stellar Halo Masses, The Astrophysical Journal (submitted)
Shea Garrison-Kimmel, Philip F. Hopkins, Andrew Wetzel, Kareem El-Badry, Robyn E. Sanderson, James S. Bullock, Xiangcheng Ma, Freeke van de Voort, Zachary Hafen, Claude-André Faucher-Giguère, Christopher C. Hayward, Eliot Quataert, Dusan Keres, and Michael Boylan-Kolchin (2018): The origin of the diverse morphologies and kinematics of Milky Way-mass galaxies in the FIRE-2 simulations, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (in press)


Anglés-Alcázar, Daniel; Faucher-Giguère, Claude-André; Quataert, Eliot; Hopkins, Philip F.; Feldmann, Robert; Torrey, Paul; Wetzel, Andrew; Kereš, Dušan (2017): Black Holes on FIRE: Stellar Feedback Limits Early Feeding of Galactic Nuclei, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, The Royal Astronomical Society, Vol 472, Num 1, ppL109-L114