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Application and development of computational methods for many-body and strongly correlated physics

Bryan Clark, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Bryan Clark, Katharine Hyatt, Hitesh Changlani, Dmitrii Kochkov, Xiongjie Yu, Gabriel Petrica, Pei-Yin Lee, Seyed Shapourian, Benjamin Correa, Ponnuraj Krishnakumar, Jyoti Aneja, Jahan Claes, Han-Yi Chou, Eli Chertkov, Gilad Margalit, Ryan Levy, Zhiru Liu, Di Luo

The purview of condensed matter physics is determining the relationship between microscopic phenomena and collective macroscopic behavior.  Computational simulations are critical to making this connection; for problems involving quantum mechanics, the exponential scaling of computational complexity with system size necessitates the need for significant computational resources.  In the past year, we have focused on collective behavior in the fields of many-body localization and spin-liquids as well as developed an entirely new inverse approach to the quantum many-body problem.  The use of Blue Waters has been critical in accomplishing these tasks.