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Ultra-high Resolution Astrophysical Simulations with GAMER

Hsi-Yu Schive, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Matthew Turk, Engin Arslan, Nathan Goldbaum, Hsi-Yu Schive

GAMER is a highly scalable and multi-GPU accelerated adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) code for astrophysics. It has been demonstrated to achieve high parallel efficiency for both weak and strong scaling on Blue Waters using up to 4,096 XK nodes and to outperform CPU-based AMR codes by an order of magnitude. Here, we propose to use GAMER on three different astrophysical applications requiring substantially higher resolution than was previously feasible.

  1. We will simulate merging galaxy clusters with a sub-kiloparsec resolution to for the first time resolve the turbulence cascade in the intracluster medium on scales comparable to current observations.
  2. We will conduct comparison simulations between wave dark matter (ψDM), cold dark matter, and adiabatic gas with seventeen AMR levels in order to fully resolve the quantum wave function in a ψDM halo and to identify unique properties of ψDM that can be tested by observations.
  3. We will simulate an isolated disk galaxy to study the formation of molecular clouds, the evolution of the full interstellar medium in a Milky-Way mass galaxy, and the impact of feedback from massive stars with an extremely high resolution of 2-5 parsec.