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Enhancing Alya Multiphysics Code with WSMP Solver and Solving Large Scale Ill-Conditioned Problems

Seid Koric, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Seid Koric, Anshul Gupta, Ahmed Taha, Qiyue Lu, Erman Guleryuz, Madhu Vellakal, Fereshteh Sabet, Ashraf Idkaidek, Paula Cordoba Panella, Amrita Kataruka

In this international research project led by the University of Illinois, we propose to enhance the simulation capabilities and numerical robustness of Alya, the most scalable multiphysics code in the world [4], with the equally capable direct solver WSMP. Dr. Koric and Dr. Houzeaux will work together on Blue Waters to implement WSMP into Alya as a standalone direct solver for high-ly ill-conditioned problems, or as a powerful preconditioner for hybrid solvers (domain decomposi-tion iterative solvers already coded in Alya).   A pre-doctoral candidate from BSC will visit the Uni-versity of Illinois and NCSA during the summer of 2017 and will work on this project under the guidance of Drs. Koric and Houzeaux. To validate the new WSMP implementation in Alya, a cou-ple of challenging large ill-conditioned problems of great practical importance for society will be solved inside the Alya's Solidz module on Blue Waters.