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Highly-scalable Open-source Solvers for Turbulent Combustion

Venkat Raman, University of Michigan

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The simulation of combustion processes has been aided immensely by the emergence of readily available supercomputing resources. One of the enabling tools for combustor design is the large eddy simulation (LES) approach, which expressly utilizes high-performance computing for accurately capturing the mixing processes between fuel and oxidizer in complex flow geometries. The focus of this project is to develop a gas turbine LES toolkit based on the open source OpenFOAM package, which can be executed on a CPU/GPU machines. This toolkit will be demonstrated using a sequence of turbulent combustion applications including 1) simulation of soot formation in a model gas turbine combustion, 2) prediction of ignition phenomenon under high-altitude relight condition, and 3) simulation of a novel rotating detonation engine concept.