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Dispersion of fully resolved liquid droplets in isotropic turbulent flow

Said Elghobashi, University of California, Irvine

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The objective of this numerical study is to enhance the understanding of the dispersion of fully-resolved liquid droplets in a turbulent flow. The numerical study employs direct numerical simulations to examine the four-way interactions between freely-moving finite-size deformable droplets and isotropic turbulence. The droplets are fully resolved in 3D-space and time, i.e. not treated as point particles, and all the scales of the turbulent motion are resolved down to the smallest relevant length- and time-scales (the Kolmogorov scales). The turbulence is assumed isotropic as a first step before considering turbulent shear flows in future studies. The dispersion of the deformable droplets is compared to that of solid particles of the same size and density ratio to examine the effect of deformability on the four-way coupling effects.