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Mapping Proton Quark Structure in Momentum and Coordinate Space using PetaByte Data-Sets from the COMPASS Experiment at CERN

Caroline Riedl, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Mathias Wagner, Caroline Riedl, Marco Meyer, Vincent Andrieux, Sergei Gerassimov, Robert Heitz, Artem Petrosyan, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp, Christopher Regali, Elena Zemlyanichkina, Nikolai Mitrofanov, Danila Oleynik, Riccardo Longo, Celso Franco, Catarina Quintans, Andrea Bressan, Genki Nukazuka, Angelo Maggiora, Antoine Vidon, Alexander Chumakov, Bogdan Vasilishin, Charles Naim, Waldemar Renz

COMPASS probes proton substructure with high-energy negative pion and polarized muon beams at CERN. These measurements provide unique access to the momentum and coordinate phase space of quarks in the proton. Of particular interest are COMPASS' first measurements of observables in the Drell-Yan process, which shed light on the currently unknown orbital motion of quarks inside the proton. Over four years, the measurement campaign at CERN will produce more than 17 petabytes of raw data, Monte Carlo data and reduced mini-Data Summary Trees.