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Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of magnetism and models in condensed matter

Lucas Wagner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Lucas Wagner, Elif Ertekin, Hitesh Changlani, Brian Busemeyer, Jaehyung Yu, Joshua Schiller, William Wheeler, Alexander Munoz, Shivesh Pathak, Kiel Williams, Li Chen, Joao Nuno Barbosa Rodrigues, Yueqing Chang

This project uses quantum Monte Carlo techniques to study the behavior of electrons in materials where traditional methods of calculation are too inaccurate to be of use. These large-scale calculations will provide unprecedented detail into the correlated behavior of electrons at the sub-nanoscale in these materials. The simulations will then be analyzed in a systematic way to extract a compressed version of their behavior, which will help us to understand the difference at a microscopic level between a simple magnetic material and unconventional superconductors.