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High Fidelity Blade-Resolved Wind Farm Simulations

Andrew Kirby, Ohio Supercomputer Center

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Steven Gordon, Andrew Kirby

Today, wind farm simulations use reduced fidelity modeling via actuator discs to represent turbines. However, this technique does not accurately capture the aerodynamics required for engineering purposes. To properly engineer wind energy applications, blade-resolved aerodynamics are needed to capture the complex physics on turbine blades and to capture the unsteady flow interactions between wind turbines. To capture the complex multi-physics at high fidelity, tightly coupled, multi-disciplinary codes are needed. A state-of-the-art adaptive, high-order code called WwAaKE3D has been developed in part by the applicant and his advisor's research team. The WwAaKE3D code will be used to simulate the most accurate calculations of wind farms to date. These calculations will form major milestones in wind farm simulation capabilities.