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Science Team Proposals to work with Improvement Method Enablers

Any science team with an active allocation on Blue Waters may submit a proposal to work with an IME. Funding from the Blue Waters project in the amount of $75,000, is only available to active NSF awarded PRAC teams with an allocation extending past September 30, 2016. 

Teams are welcome to submit proposals to work with multiple IMEs (up to a maximum of three); however, for eligible teams, there will only be one award of financial support.  Additional proposals for work between an IME and a science team may be awarded development time on Blue Waters with allocations starting at 50K node hours per IME+team pairing.  If a science team works with multiple IMEs, then the science team must provide a plan of work whereby the work and results are specific to the work performed with each individual IME.

Before submitting a proposal, science teams should contact the IME(s) and evaluate the goals and benefits of working together.  When submitting a proposal, a brief letter of support from the IME should be included.  The purpose of this is to confirm that the IME plans to work with the science team and the IME has reviewed the proposed goals and work with the science team.

Information about the PAID program and the IMEs:
 (Presentations from the Blue Waters 2015 Symposium).

  • Proposals and letters of support are now due Friday, July 24, 2015.

Submit the proposals and letters of support to:


Proposal Template