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Setting up a new Globus Online Account

To use Globus Online, you must have an account with them.  That account is separate from your accounts on the Blue Waters machines and from your account on the Blue Waters user portal, but you can "link" your GO account to your portal account so you can to go Globus Online using your Blue Waters token code and PIN. 

If you're just creating your Globus Online account, that creation goes as follows:

Log into to the Blue Waters portal as usual, with your username and PIN+token code.

Go to Globus Online by pulling down the data tab and clicking "Globus Online".

You'll authenticate again.  This will probably ask for your username and "password".  Type in your PIN+token code as before.

You'll tel it to connect to your Globus Online Account, and you'll be given the option of creating a Globus Online account.  Follow that procedure to create the new account.  During this process, select the option to "link" your new Globus Online account to your portal account. 

Once the Globus Online account is set up, when you click on the Globus Online from within the Blue Waters portal, you can just authenticate with the same information as you log in to the portal with.