2018-01-04 17:45:20: Blue Waters experienced an outage of 1/36 of the home file system from ~5PM 1/4 - ~8PM 1/5. Jobs requiring access to files on the affected storage would have hung and possibly timed out. After careful repair work by our vendor, the file system has been restored to full health and we believe with no loss of data. If you believe you have a suspect file on home please let us know by submitting a help request to as soon as possible.
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Regular warm swaps of nodes this week may have slightly more impact than normal between 9-12am on Wed 1/10 and Fri 1/12.  This is due to increased scale of nodes requiring a swap.  This
We are making good progress on returning the entire home filesystem to service. We currently expect to be complete by 10 PM central 1/5/2018
Resolution of the home filesystem issue is currently projected to complete by 6 AM 1/5/2018 Central time.  Updates:  01-05-2018 09:22 Resolution of the home
Blue Waters is currently experiencing some storage issue on a portion of the home file system that began at 5:00 PM CT. As a result, I/O transactions targeting the affected portion of the file
An issue impacting networking on h2ologin3 and h2ologin4 will requires an outage on our internal networks for a few minutes to resolve. Some operations may pause briefly.
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