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A. Description

The FLASH code is a publicly available high performance application code which has evolved into a modular, extensible software system from a collection of unconnected legacy codes. FLASH consists of inter-operable modules that can be combined to generate different applications. The FLASH architecture allows arbitrarily many alternative implementations of its components to co-exist and interchange with each other. A simple and elegant mechanism exists for customization of code functionality without the need to modify the core implementation of the source. A built-in unit test framework combined with regression tests that run nightly on multiple platforms verify the code.

B. How to download FLASH

FLASH can be downloaded from the University of Chicago's FLASH center's homepage. Documentation is available there as well.

C. How to build FLASH

Blue Waters does not provide precompiled FLASH binaries. The users are expected to obtain their own copy of the code and install it for the personal use.

Compilation starts from the default Cray environment. Following steps lead to the compilation of FLASH on the Cray platform. Since there is no site configured for Blue Waters in the FLASH code, the site configuration for NERSC's Edison machine, which is a similar Cray system to Blue Waters is used instead. If you would prefer to use the GNU compiler instead of the Intel compiler used by Edison's Makefile, please use this Makefile.h .

module swap PrgEnv-cray PrgEnv-intel
module load cray-hdf5-parallel
module load cray-parallel-netcdf
# obtain FLASH4.5.tar.gz from
tar -xzf FLASH4.5.tar.gz
cd FLASH4.5/
patch -p0 <../FLASH4.5-a.diff
./setup Sedov -auto
cd object
make -j6

Last successful compilation was performed under the following environment:

  1) modules/                      19) intel/
  2) eswrap/1.3.3-1.020200.1280.0          20) craype-interlagos
  3) cray-mpich/7.5.0                      21) craype-network-gemini
  4) torque/6.0.4                          22) craype/2.5.8
  5) moab/9.1.2-sles11                     23) cray-libsci/16.11.1
  6) java/jdk1.8.0_51                      24) udreg/2.3.2-1.0502.10518.2.17.gem
  7) globus/6.0                            25) ugni/6.0-1.0502.10863.8.28.gem
  8) gsissh/7.5p1b                         26) pmi/5.0.10-1.0000.11050.179.3.gem
  9) xalt/0.7.6.local                      27) dmapp/7.0.1-1.0502.11080.8.74.gem
 10) scripts                               28) gni-headers/4.0-1.0502.10859.7.8.gem
 11) OpenSSL/1.0.2m                        29) xpmem/0.1-2.0502.64982.5.3.gem
 12) cURL/7.59.0                           30) dvs/2.5_0.9.0-1.0502.2188.1.113.gem
 13) git/2.17.0                            31) alps/5.2.4-2.0502.9774.31.12.gem
 14) wget/1.19.4                           32) rca/1.0.0-2.0502.60530.1.63.gem
 15) user-paths                            33) atp/2.0.4
 16) gnuplot/5.0.5                         34) PrgEnv-intel/5.2.82
 17) darshan/3.1.3                         35) cray-parallel-netcdf/1.7.0
 18) gcc/4.9.3                             36) cray-hdf5-parallel/1.10.0

D. Tests

Sample job script:

#PBS -l nodes=1:xe:ppn=32
aprun -n 4 -d $OMP_NUM_THREADS ./flash4

Sample output (sedov.log):

 FLASH log file:  01-24-2019  16:18:45.132    Run number:  1
 Number of MPI tasks:                  4
 MPI version:                          3
 MPI subversion:                       1
 Dimensionality:                       2
 Max Number of Blocks/Proc:         1000
 Number x zones:                       8
 Number y zones:                       8
 Number z zones:                       1
     guardcell Barrier                   0.000         0.000        0.000         147
     guardcell internal                  1.525         1.503        1.514         147
      amr_guardcell                      1.325         1.312        1.316         147
      eos gc                             0.108         0.104        0.105         147
    amr_refine_derefine                  6.527         6.506        6.516         147
    updateData                           0.005         0.005        0.005         147
   updateParticleRefinement              0.000         0.000        0.000         147
  Driver_computeDt                       0.084         0.065        0.070         295
 [ 01-24-2019  16:24:10.103 ] LOGFILE_END: FLASH run complete.