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Report Guidelines for Education Project Allocations


As a component of your application for a Blue Waters education allocation, you agreed to provide a report at the end of your project.   Now that your project is complete, we would appreciate your submission of the following information within two weeks.  

This information will be shared with the Blue Waters team and the National Science Foundation.  Portions of the report (we will omit names of participants) will be posted on the Blue Waters portal for public access.

Submit your report

The reports should include the following:

Report Template

Participant List Template

  • Project Information

    • Project Name
    • Names of project staff (instructors, TAs, etc) and their department and institutions
    • URL for the project
    • Provide links to or attach materials made available to participants (e.g. slides, articles, exercises, etc.) that may be made publicly available.
    • Provide links to or attach any photos (with captions to describe activities)
    • Start Date
    • Completion Date
  • Information about the Participants

    • Number of Participants
    • Number of faculty or staff
    • Number of students
    • Number of other (e.g. industry)
    • Number of underrepresented (e.g. women, minorities)
    • Number of institutions represented by participants
    • NOTE: Please submit a separate file (template link above) including the names of all course participants.
  • Results and Findings

    • Please describe the scope and purpose of this project. Also, please indicate if there were any changes implemented from the original proposed plan, and briefly describe why they were made. 
    • Please describe the learning outcomes of the participants.  How did this project enhance the learning of the participants? What did the participants learn as a result of the use of Blue Waters system that they could not have learned using other systems?
    • Please describe lessons learned from the project.  What would you do differently next time?  
    • What would you recommend that the Blue Waters team do to enhance the success of education projects in the future?
    • Please provide a summary of any surveys or evaluations you conducted of the participants.  Feel free to attach any related documents.  
    • Please provide any anecdotal stories we may share with NSF and the public. 
    • Do you plan to request an education allocation for other future events that will use BW?
    • Please describe the plans for future events, including the frequency (each semester, yearly, etc.).
    • Please provide any other comments or suggestions.
    • Please describe the plans for future events, including the frequency (each semester, yearly, etc.).


  • Overall Experience

How would you rank the overall experience? [Excellent / Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor/ NA]

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  2. Blue Waters support
  3. Blue Waters computing system
  4. Blue Waters documentation
  5. Blue Waters training