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Data sharing for Blue Waters partners

Blue Waters partners are able to share data using Globus Online from their projects share directory /projects/sciteam/<PROJECTID>/share. Data can be shared with anyone, both Blue Waters partners and external collaborators as long as the collaborator can obtain a Globus ID.

To set up a shared endpoint create a "share" in your project directory and navigate there using the Globus Online app then click on the "share" button:

navigate to folder to be shared and click on "share" botton in top row

this will show up a new dialog where you can name your endpoint

create and name you endpoint

finally you can share your endpoint with your collaborators

invite your collaborators using their globus ID email address

You can use any email address to invite them. Using a GlobusID email may be best though since they are available to anyone and mantained by Globus itself. Your collaborators can then go to Globus' web transfer client and use it to transfer files. To transfer files to their own laptop or a machine not in the Globus network, please use Globus Connect Personal and set up an endpoint on your laptop as explained on the Globus page which also contains download instructions.

For more information on using Globus Online sharing please see the Globus Online Data Sharing page.

Contact for any concerns or questions.