Scientific Visualization

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When: Wednesdays at 8 AM Pacific - 9 AM Mountain - 10 AM Central - 11 AM Eastern - 4 PM GMT.  

Description: This webinar track will begin with an overview of data visualization by exploring the underlying principles of visualization and set the stage for other introductory data visualization seminars. Subsequent webinars will focus on individual tools and capabilibities for visualizing data and information.

Upon registering for a webinar (using the link on the left side of this page), you will receive the Youtube Live web address for viewing that webinar.

The webinars offered include:

Date Title Speaker Length
March 1, 2017 Introduction to Data Visualization Vetria Byrd 1 hour
Slides | Video
March 15, 2017 VisIT: Scalable HPC Visualization and Data Analysis Kevin Griffin, Eric Brugger, Cyrus Harrison 2 hours
Slides | Video
April 5, 2017 Introduction to Scientific Visualization Using ParaView Vetria Byrd 1 hour
June 7, 2017 Visualizing non-Spatial Data Rob Sisneros and Mark Van Moer 2 hours
June 21, 2017 Hyperglyphs Jeff Sale 2 hours
July 26, 2017 Scientific Visualization in Houdini Kalina Borkiewicz and A. J. Christensen 2 hours
August 2, 2017 Awarding Badges as Incentives for Self-Assessment of Scientific Visualization Expertise Jeff Sale 1 hour
August 16, 2017 Introduction to the Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project Robert Smith 1 hour

Updates and Changes

February 15, 2017: The "Scientific Visualization in Houdini" session has moved from May 3 to July 26, 2017.