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NEIS-P2 Component 1 Final Reports


The NEIS-P2 Component 1 effort concluded in Summer 2013.  The participating PRAC science teams worked to make improvements to their code implementation to enable them to realize the full potential of the Cray XE6/XK7 system. Their efforts included scaling applications to large core counts on general-purpose CPU nodes and large scale storage, effectively using accelerators, using general purpose and accelerated nodes in a single coordinated simulation, and enhancing application flexiblity for more effective, efficient use of systems.  

NEIS-P2 Direct Funding Support Final Report - Blue Waters Project Office

The results are presented in each teams' final report.

The Super Instruction Architecture - Bartlett PRAC Team

Improving the Performance and Walltime of GRMHD Calculations for the Blue Waters Petascale Project - Campanelli PRAC Team

Enhancing Amber for Use on the Blue Waters High-Performance Computing Resource - Cheatham PRAC Team

Systems Software for Scalable Applications - Gropp PRAC Team

Accelerating CyberShake Calculations on the XE6/XK7 Platform of Blue Waters - Jordan PRAC Team

Enabling Breakthrough Kinetic Simulations of the Magnetosphere via Petascale Computing - Karimabadi PRAC Team

Accelerating Nano-scale Transistor Innovation with NEMO5 on Blue Waters - Klimeck PRAC Team

Petascale Plasma Physics Simulations Using PIC Codes - Mori PRAC Team

Alleviating the Scaling Problems of Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations - Nagamine PRAC Team

Formation of the First Galaxies Enzo-P/Cello Adaptive Mesh Refinement - O'Shea PRAC Team

Toward Implementation of the Colorado State University Global Cloud Resolving Model on the NSF Blue Waters System - Randall/Stan PRAC Team

Enhanced Replica Exchange in NAMD Partition Framework in Charm++ - Schulten PRAC Team

A Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Improved Staggered Fermions on GPUs - Sugar PRAC Team

Petascale Sumulations of Complex Biological Behavior in Fluctuating Environments - Tagkopoulous PRAC Team

Petascale Multiscale Simulations of Biomolecular Systems - Voth PRAC Team

NEIS-P2 Final Report - Wang PRAC Team

Understanding Tornadoes and Their Parent Supercells Through Ultra-High Resolution Simulation/Analysis - Wilhelmson PRAC Team

Accelerating Turbulence Computation on Blue Waters - Yeung PRAC Team

Enabling Science at the Petascale: From Binary Systems and Stellar Core Collapse to Gamma - Ray Bursts - Diener PRAC Team