Blue Waters Compute Maintenance Outage on 22nd Jan 2018 (Monday)

Blue Waters compute hardware will be undergoing maintenance on 22nd January 2018 (Monday), beginning at 7AM. The compute nodes are anticipated to be unavailable for up to 8 hours. The login nodes and data transfer nodes will remain in service. 

Please plan accordingly. Blue Waters will be accessible via login ondes and Globus online endpoints. 

Availability Details:

Subsystem / Services Projected Duration  Availability
Compute 7AM to 3PM (8 hours) Unavailable
Login / Filesystem  - Available 
Scheduler - Available 
Globus online endpoint (ncsa#BlueWaters)  - Available
Globus online endpoint (ncsa#Nearline)  - Available
Increased warm swap impact this week

Regular warm swaps of nodes this week may have slightly more impact than normal between 9-12am on Wed 1/10 and Fri 1/12.  This is due to increased scale of nodes requiring a swap.  This increase is this week only.

Return to service update

We are making good progress on returning the entire home filesystem to service. We currently expect to be complete by 10 PM central 1/5/2018

Home filesystem update

Resolution of the home filesystem issue is currently projected to complete by 6 AM 1/5/2018 Central time. 


01-05-2018 09:22

Resolution of the home filesystem issue is projected to take longer than previously anticipated and is now estimated to complete by 6PM 1/5/2018 Central Time. More information will be provided at MOTD as we have more updates on the progress of recovery.

01-05-2018 12:15

Job scheduling has been resumed for jobs not affected by the home file system issue (e.g. jobs that don't use any binary or data stored in home directory). Please kindly contact us at if you need assistance to determine whether your jobs can be resumed. 

Blue Waters Home File System Issue

Blue Waters is currently experiencing some storage issue on a portion of the home file system that began at 5:00 PM CT. As a result, I/O transactions targeting the affected portion of the file system will block until we resolve the issue. The scheduler is currently paused until the file system recovers. The rest of Blue Waters including the other filesystems are operating normally.

Interim updates will be posted on the Blue Waters Message of the Day: 

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