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Improve your HPC skills through the Blue Waters Webinars

Jan 22, 2018

The free NCSA Blue Waters Webinars are designed to increase high performance computing knowledge and skills among the research community.

Dark Energy Survey data processed by NCSA now available to scientists everywhere

Jan 10, 2018

Data collection and processing infrastructure enables exploration of 400 million astronomical objects.

NCSA’s 2017 Year in Review

Dec 22, 2017

For NCSA, 2017 was so much more than just 365 days.

NCSA Faculty Fellow makes breakthrough in protein prediction using deep learning

Dec 20, 2017

Researchers have discovered a major breakthrough in protein structure predictions using deep learning data processed by NCSA's Blue Waters supercomputer.

Blue Waters supercomputer processes new data for NASA’s Terra satellite

Dec 19, 2017

"Blue Waters is one of the only computers that can process that data on such a large scale in a timeframe suitable for scientists to interact and ask questions of the data."

Heat from below Pacific Ocean fuels Yellowstone, study finds

Dec 18, 2017

University of Illinois geologists have rewound and played back a portion of its geologic history, finding that Yellowstone volcanism is far more complex and dynamic than previously thought.

Meet NCSA’s Jim Phillips, former lead NAMD developer

Dec 18, 2017

Since starting with NCSA, Phillips' time has been primarily devoted to developing concepts and ideas for NCSA's future supercomputers, but he's also had the chance to learn more about NCSA from an insider's perspective and is excited about his future here at NCSA.

Deadlines to apply for NCSA fellowships and internships are rapidly approaching

Dec 12, 2017

Undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty from institutions around the U.S. are invited to apply for these opportunities.

NCSA SPIN intern Daniel Johnson published in Classical and Quantum Gravity

Nov 30, 2017

Undergraduate's open source software to monitor and post-process catalogs of numerical relativity simulations in high performance computing environments.

NCSA paves a new way for using geopolymers

Nov 28, 2017

Their goal is to understand the impact of nanoporosity on stiffness and strength of geopolymers via molecular dynamics and finite element modeling.

NCSA announces GECAT funding of two international seed projects

Nov 21, 2017

Blue Waters’ international collaboration program opens doors for researchers in Puerto Rico, Barcelona, Shanghai and beyond.

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